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What is the rpm for a specific tool diameter? This depends on the type of tool and whether it’s a straight cutter or a profile tool. Below is the typical range: *** How can one identify ER style collet size?The quickest way is to measure its overall length. Each ER style collet has a unique…read more

This page is used to post company updates, news and information! May 1, 2021 New Phone Hours Here’s great news for our West Coast customers and those in other time zones: To better serve our customers in Central, Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, we can now be reached by phone from 8 a.m. to 8…read more

Poor collet maintenance is one of the most common causes of short tool life and tool breakage. A router bit can only perform well if the collet securing it is gripping the tool shank evenly and full length. A small amount of time spent regularly inspecting and cleaning the collet and tool holder will increase…read more

Not all tool holders are of equal quality, as appears to be evident in the photograph below. To the left is a GDP heat shrink tool holder, Made in Germany to highest quality standards, vacuum hardened to 54 HRC which improves corrosion resistance and increases tensile strength. It features a slender and aerodynamic design. To…read more

We would like to share a couple of true stories told to us by customers who learned quickly that Safety First is paramount.   Here are examples of near-misses that could happen to you!    When it comes to cutting tools, a very important aspect of tooling…Tool Maintenance should never be overlooked. Tool Maintenance may seem like…read more

If ever tasked with the challenge of identifying an HSK tool holder, the following will explain the differences and dimensions of the machine spindle interface (upper portion) of the HSK Holder. These high precision clamping tools are available as heat shrink construction, collet chucks, Weldon shank adapters and arbor adapter options. Other particulars can include…read more

Finding replacement Edgebander tooling can be challenging with lead times often extensive and the cost eye-popping. Our extensive edgebanding tool selection includes a wide range of replacement inserts for straight and radius trim cutters, snip saws, scrape knives, PCD trim cutters and PCD premill cutters. In addition to our standard catalog items, we also offer…read more

GDP’s Shaper Tooling program includes a wide range of insert tools suitable for use on wood shapers. Tools in our standard offering include rebate, jointing, planing, grooving, beveling, rounding-over, finger-jointing, tongue & groove as well as miter cutters. Profile tooling for cope and stick (stile and rail), cove, beads, ogees, edging, and other customized needs…read more

At GDP Industrial Tooling we have been serving our customers unique tooling needs for over 35+ years. We were recently presented with a query on how to machine a “Smoke Top Hat” made of hardwood on a CNC machine. A Smoke Top Hat is used in the bar and restaurant industry to add a smoky…read more

GDP Industrial Tooling has excellent options when it comes to tooling for Lamello P-System (Clamex). The Clamex system is an innovative, strong and quick to install panel connector system used in furniture and other wood based panel assemblies. Whether you are utilizing the Zeta P2 profile biscuit jointer or a CNC router with, or without…read more

Since introducing our “Customize it” program over a decade ago, we have manufactured and delivered countless CNC custom profile tools in record speed and at prices that are impressively competitive! Made in Germany, this extensive CNC profile tooling program includes a wide range of in-stock tool body blanks which are manufactured in larger series to…read more

Filling our customer needs for unique tooling is a specialty we have much experience in, so a recent requirement for tools to do wood turning on a CNC machining center was a cinch! This most recent application was actually pretty unique for a wood CNC machining operation. Our customer needed two separate tools designed for…read more

PCD Tools To achieve an optimal economic result when using PCD polycrystalline diamond tipped tools, it’s most important to consider all of the application details, machining parameters and expectations to insure the tool is suitable for the project intended. Even with a simple compression bit purchase, the performance and anticipated results over the life of…read more

Custom Router Tooling Program GDP Custom router tooling program, “Customize it!” is among the most comprehensive and economical solutions in the industry!  We manufacture per specifications required and in most cases can deliver within a 2 week lead time thanks to custom stock bodies which are part of our popular custom profile tooling program. If your…read more

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