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Below are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions FAQs we get from our customers: What are the correct parameters (feeds and speeds) for drill bits?The sweet spot for drill bits will fall in the ranges below based on your production needs.3000 rpm 1-2 meters (40-80” min)4500 rpm 1.5-2.5 meters (60-100” min)6000 rpm 2-3.5…read more

Remembering a colleague & friend July 11, 2020 Today marks 9 years since our colleague and friend, Andrew (Andy) Glowa passed away in his hometown of Shelton, CT. He was an employee in technical sales for our company for over 10 years, taking a short break to go and work for Biesse Machinery selling CNC…read more

Lower Cost Option than a Floating Aggregate Head. We are pleased to introduce a new CNC Sanding Unit, Made in Germany, for use on CNC routers and machining centers such as Weeke, Homag, SCM, Biesse, HolzHer and others. This unit is ideal for sanding flat panels like flat cabinet doors and furniture tops. It simply…read more

Carbide Insert Bit for Machining Thermoplastics The new 6233 series Thermoplastics insert router tool, which utilizes a special polished carbide grade specifically designed for machining thermoplastics, acrylic glass (PMMA) , Makrolon, Polycarbonate (PC) Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) offers a substantial cost savings on tooling when machining these materials.  The tool body is fabricated from…read more

CNC Corrugated Knife Adapter For Small Runs Or Prototypes! GDP Tooling offers a cost-effective solution for millwork prototypes and small runs. Especially beneficial for the custom shop with continuous special profile needs for short runs, this tool will save a lot of time and money. Profiled knives can be quickly ground and used in this…read more

Straight/Radius or Chamfered Planing Cutter Head GDP| GUHDO offers a new design insert planing cutter head for moulders. This unique, multi-functional cutter head is ideal for planing and has the ability to house profile knife attachments. The planer cutter capabilities: Produce an edge radius Produce an edge chamfer Radius and chamfer location can be adjusted…read more

Profile Cutters For Shapers, CNC’s, Moulders, Tenoners And Much More! Custom Tooling is so routine for us, we don’t even think of it as custom anymore. Why settle for a profile that is not exactly what you need? We have perfected the ability to provide high quality tooling for CNC routers, machining centers, moulders, shapers,…read more

During the recent industry trade show, IWF-TV featured a visit to the GDP | GUHDO booth to bring it to you “Live from IWF 2018!” . Interviewer, Jared Patchin stopped at our booth to learn more about tooling options for cabinet production on behalf of the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA in August 2018…read more

Digitec Tool Measuring System If multiple test cuts are routine during tool setup, then our Digitec Tool Measuring System is for you!  The Digitec is comprised of a premium tool setup fixture with 4 holes to facilitate permanent mounting on a tool bench.  The optional height gauge (measures up to 270mm) locks down onto the…read more

Customizable CNC Tooling Package GDP|GUHDO has introduced a CNC tooling starter package, at a substantial cost savings, on highest quality tooling!  This kit includes 8 HSK tool holders (choice of style based on collet style preferred (SYOZ, ER40 or ER32) and  corresponding 8 collets (choice of sizes).  The customer can select 14 solid carbide bits…read more

Check out our Tooling Guide to Optimize Tool Performance! We are proud to introduce The CNC Tooling Guide, brought to you as a result of our experienced team effort! In this guide, we have compiled answers to the most common questions our customers come to us with. We have also gathered the most basic tooling…read more

Make MDF Shaker Doors On CNC Machining Center Without Sanding! We recently had the opportunity to introduce our Insert Surface Planing Tool to one of our local customers.  Atlanta Cabinet Shop Inc, was looking for a solution to eliminate the time wasted on sanding MDF door parts.  Routing the door recess was accomplished with our…read more

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