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Tooling for Lamello P-System (Clamex)

GDP Industrial Tooling has excellent options when it comes to tooling for Lamello P-System (Clamex). The Clamex system is an innovative, strong and quick to install panel connector system used in furniture and other wood based panel assemblies. Whether you are utilizing the Zeta P2 profile biscuit jointer or a CNC router with, or without 5-axis,  we have the tooling options:

For the Zeta P2 profile biscuit jointer, we recommend the 100 x 7 x 22, 3-wing profile groover in an economical carbide-tipped version (3116.101.22). For longer tool life, the diamond (PCD) tipped version offers maximum performance (7.3116.101.22). Both options fit precisely into the Zeta P2 machine, making for easy clip installation.

For profile grooving, we offer the following options: a diamond tipped, 100mm diameter x 7mm kerf x 30mm bore, 3-wing groover (7.3116.101.30), and for routing applications, we have two options: a solid carbide or diamond (PCD) tipped versions. For the router bit options, 5-axis machining capability is required.

For machines without 5-axis capability and for producing the required side panel pocket, or, for miter folding applications, we also offer the most cost effective solution! Our tooling program includes a variety of fixed and adjustable aggregate heads for virtually any machine. Our fixed aggregates, MONO or DUO, will allow for the production of side panel groove installations. For the ultimate in Lamello P System machining capabilities on a CNC router without existing 5-axis capability, we offer the VARIO adjustable (0-100deg) aggregate head which is suitable for all machining options: grooving, routing, end & side panels and 45 degree miter folding are all possible!

If you currently use or are considering the Lamello P Clamping System as a panel connection option and have questions, call GDP Industrial Tooling today 800.544.8436 or Contact Us via email.