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PCD diamond tooling features a laboratory-grown synthetic diamond cutting edge, which is the toughest material available in the cutting tool arena. It provides a cutting edge that can stand up to some of the most abrasive materials being machined today. Materials such as cement fiber board, medium density (MDF) and high density fiberboard (HDF), phenolics, fiberglass, syntactic materials, melamine, fire-retardant panels and more have found their match! PCD diamond tools will generally outlast its carbide counterpart by a minimum factor of 20:1, and more frequently, much longer than that! The quality and true cost of PCD diamond tooling can vary dramatically from one manufacturer to another. Performance begins with the integrity of the tool body, which requires dynamically balanced, precision workmanship and a quality PCD tip. The size of the tip brazed into a tool body will determine if, and how often a tool can be sharpened. Smaller tips mean fewer times the tool can be sharpened. Therefore, these are factors that must be known when comparing the cost of a tool so an informed decision and cost justification can be made!

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