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High precision CNC Aggregate Heads provide 3 or 4 axis CNC machining centers with 5-axis capabilities!   The tool output, which is vertically fixed by the motor spindle at 0 °, can be transferred to a different axis or angle as desired. The standard aggregate is a 90 ° unit design to facilitate horizontal drilling, routing, or sawing depending on selection. Aggregate heads are often used even on a 5-axis machine equipped with a swivel motor spindle.  For example, the SoftTouch Aggregate Head allows the scanning / copying of the workpiece surface to ensure a 100% machining result despite material fluctuations. Whether the job calls for a vertical saw cut, a hardware fixture positioned at an angle, or multi-hole drilling for door hardware or acoustical panels...a CNC aggregate head is up to the challenge!  Each unit is customized with the appropriate CNC tool interface (HSK or ISO) and unique torque arm connection that is specific to the machine it is intended to be used on.  Designed for routing, drilling and sawing,  the most popular styles and models include variable angle aggregates with adjustability from 0 to 100 degrees.  single or double output fixed 90 degree angle aggregates or the soft-touch design which follows the contours of your workpiece flawlessly.  Aggregate heads provide capabilities that go far beyond their very reasonable price and open a whole new world of possibilities for jobs to complete on a 3-axis machine! Made in Germany! If you have a project that calls for that additional axis, it's time to have a conversation with us!

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