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Solid carbide spirals can look strikingly similar, yet these bits can have considerable differences that will become evident during use. The composition of the carbide grade and its binders used to manufacture the tool are the most significant contributing factor to achieving best possible tool life! Carbide grades exhibit different wear characteristics depending on the material being machined, and specifically their binder content and composition is often directly reflected in the outcome of tool performance. This section presents our standard program of solid carbide offering, and includes ball-nose up-cut bits, chip-breakers, compressions, up cut and down cut bits, roughers as well as O-Flutes for machining a variety of plastic materials. The most common solid carbide spirals in demand are in 2 or 3 flute design, with the 3-flute bits supporting higher feed rates. The flute count does not directly affect the quality of finish, however, it does allow running the tool at a faster feed speed than a two flute bit. Using the correct chipload when running these bits will support longest possible tool life and prevent tool breakage, burning or premature wear. We offer our most popular finishing bits in 3 different carbide grades. One for solid wood, another for wood composites with HPL, veneer or plastic laminates, and a special grade for melamine, that stands up to the challenges presented by its aluminum oxide content. Call us today to discuss your solid carbide spiral tooling needs and learn how we can help you save with our quantity discount program!

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