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Need new Insert Knives?

Insert Knives – Quick and Competitively Priced!

Need new replacement insert knives? Think you might be paying too much? GDP manufactures solid carbide replacement insert knives on state-of-the-art profile grinding equipment which guarantees repeatability and accuracy every time!  Our carbide blanks are available in a variety of carbide grades, some designed for solid woods and others better for composites.  Choosing the right grade can impact tool life and finish so be sure to mention what material you are cutting and allow us to use our 30 years of expertise to optimize your tool life.

Carbide Insert Knife Sampling
Selection of solid carbide insert knives

Whether you’re producing complex moulding profiles, simple round-overs, cope and stick, raised panel,  tongue and groove profiles, or, if your cutterhead manufacturer has gone out of business (LRH, DeHart Tooling etc. ),  GUHDO will duplicate the inserts you need!   For older style Leitz Profilcut (expired patent) and Leuco Superprofiler we can also manufacture the replacement inserts by simply duplicating the existing profile knife.

Having trouble finding the correct replacement knives for your edgebander? Check out our catalog here, and if you cannot find the exact knife, simply contact us with more details. We can usually delivery in a matter of a few days!