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Poor collet maintenance is one of the most common causes of short tool life and tool breakage. A router bit can only perform well if the collet securing it is gripping the tool shank evenly and full length. A small amount of time spent regularly inspecting and cleaning the collet and tool holder will increase…read more

Not all tool holders are of equal quality, as appears to be evident in the photograph below. To the left is a GDP heat shrink tool holder, Made in Germany to highest quality standards, vacuum hardened to 54 HRC which improves corrosion resistance and increases tensile strength. It features a slender and aerodynamic design. To…read more

We would like to share a couple of true stories told to us by customers who learned quickly that Safety First is paramount.   Here are examples of near-misses that could happen to you!    When it comes to cutting tools, a very important aspect of tooling…Tool Maintenance should never be overlooked. Tool Maintenance may seem like…read more

If ever tasked with the challenge of identifying an HSK tool holder, the following will explain the differences and dimensions of the machine spindle interface (upper portion) of the HSK Holder. These high precision clamping tools are available as heat shrink construction, collet chucks, Weldon shank adapters and arbor adapter options. Other particulars can include…read more

Spring Collets for HSK & ISO Tool Holders In the wood industry, the vast majority of collet styles in use are ER32, ER40 and SYOZ25 (also called RDO35). Several other (smaller) sizes are common in specialty applications such as CNC aggregate heads or Weeke BHX Hydro clamping system system, but on the most common CNC…read more

6365 – Weeke Chuck Are you using a Weeke BHX Point to Point machine that is equipped with the ETP hydro grip motor? If so, we offer our Weeke BHX collet chuck specifically designed for the ETP hydro clamping system.  This high precision chuck is produced with the required 25 mm shank and the height…read more

There are three key factors that ensure the effectiveness of a cutting tool used in the machining processes.

“QuickLock” Insert Planing Cutter Head Introducing the QuickLock insert planing cutter, GUHDO Series #4812 for use on Planers and Moulders (Cosmec, Diehl, Griggio, Iida, Kentwood, Leadermac, Mattison, SCM, Wadkin, Weinig etc.). Manufactured with a high-quality, precision balanced steel body, this tool comes standard in 125 mm (5”) diameter with cutting widths of 80, 100, 130,…read more

GDP Tool Holders Run Bi-Directional Did you know that GDP Tool holders can be run bi-directional? Tool holders with a static nut (even those with a “powercoat” finish) cannot run in a left hand rotation and you will need a left hand tool holder if you want to run a tool counter-clockwise tool? In case…read more

HSK63-F Hydro Chuck for CNC Machines An HSK-F 63 Hydro Chuck is an easy way to improve tool life and reduce tooling cost on the tool that is your shop’s “work horse”. While heat-shrink and power shrink tool holders equally improve accuracy and increase tool life, the investment in additional accessories required to mount and…read more

NEW !! Quick Change Adapter Requiring No Special Clamping Screw Introducing a new generation quick change adapter (JSOFIX) for fast and easy tool changes of 10 mm shank drill bits. Whether you have a CNC drill station, a multispindle in line boring aggregate head, or multi spindle boring machine, this adaptor offers simplicity and efficiency….read more

Center Plug for HSK63F, HSK63E & HSK50F Tool Holders Typically, HSK chucks are supplied with a hole through the interior of the cone.  The hole is designed to accommodate a data chip (Balluff Chip) for tool tracking, and can also help aid in the release of the chuck from the motor housing if it comes…read more