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Maximizing Cutting Tool Performance

Getting the Most Out of Your Tooling

There are some key factors to maximizing cutting tool performance and ensure the effectiveness of a tool used in any given machining process. The first step is making sure that you have the correct tool type and geometry for the task at hand, following by having a precision clamping system and finally, running the tool under the correct machining parameters.

  1. Cutting Tool Geometry Selection and Material
  2. Tool Holder Integrity
  3. Feed Rate and RPM

These three aspects are universal and applicable to all cutting tools and materials. The selection of the right tool and the tools geometry are influenced by a number of factors, and it is essential to consider all aspects of an application in order to arrive at the correct tool selection for the job. Factors that might not appear to be very significant, do come into play, and would include, for instance, the composition of material being machined so that the most suitable cutting material, i.e. carbide-tipped, insert, carbide grade or even diamond (PCD) can be selected. Depth of cut might change the tool choice since too long of a tool in too shallow of a cut will be prone to breaking, and too deep of a cut with not much space left to get the chips out of the cut will also lead to breakage. Not sure? Contact us  to discuss the situation and we are happy to help.