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“QuickLock” Insert Planing Cutter Head Introducing the QuickLock insert planing cutter, GUHDO Series #4812 for use on Planers and Moulders (Cosmec, Diehl, Griggio, Iida, Kentwood, Leadermac, Mattison, SCM, Wadkin, Weinig etc.). Manufactured with a high-quality, precision balanced steel body, this tool comes standard in 125 mm (5”) diameter with cutting widths of 80, 100, 130,…read more

Surfacing Planer for CNC – when you need a better surface finish! GUHDO introduces FOURCUT, a surfacing planer for use on CNC routers when the spoilboard cutter finish isn’t quite good enough! While most flat table machines typically have a surface planing cutter to clean up their spoilboard, they are not specifically designed for demanding…read more