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We would like to share a couple of true stories told to us by customers who learned quickly that Safety First is paramount.   Here are examples of near-misses that could happen to you!    When it comes to cutting tools, a very important aspect of tooling…Tool Maintenance should never be overlooked. Tool Maintenance may seem like…read more

At GDP Industrial Tooling we have been serving our customers unique tooling needs for over 35+ years. We were recently presented with a query on how to machine a “Smoke Top Hat” made of hardwood on a CNC machine. A Smoke Top Hat is used in the bar and restaurant industry to add a smoky…read more

Filling our customer needs for unique tooling is a specialty we have much experience in, so a recent requirement for tools to do wood turning on a CNC machining center was a cinch! This most recent application was actually pretty unique for a wood CNC machining operation. Our customer needed two separate tools designed for…read more

Custom Router Tooling Program GDP Custom router tooling program, “Customize it!” is among the most comprehensive and economical solutions in the industry!  We manufacture per specifications required and in most cases can deliver within a 2 week lead time thanks to custom stock bodies which are part of our popular custom profile tooling program. If your…read more

“Customize it” Insert Tooling Program for CNC Machines The Insert Tooling Program Advantages of our “Customize-it” system include: In this example of profile insert tooling, you see all the component tooling for solid wood cabinet doors. Insert tooling for exterior windows and doors are generally provided as cutters on HSK arbor tooling. The below example shows insert…read more

There are three key factors that ensure the effectiveness of a cutting tool used in the machining processes.

HSK Calibration Arbor Within the CNC Machining universe the HSK calibration arbor goes by many different names including the spindle run-out arbor, calibration arbor, runout test bars, spindle taper test bar, test arbor and calibration tool.  These integral maintenance tools offer a quick and easy way to test your CNC machine for accuracy and alignment after…read more

100 Years Ago Today…. Celebrating 100 years! Today, we fondly remember Herbert Doerken, on, what would have been his 100th birthday! (Jan. 4th). In 1986, Herbert was GUHDO USA’s founding majority partner. From post-World War II onwards, he was the driving force behind GUHDO Werk’s comeback to become one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of wood…read more

GUHDO History Remscheid, Germany, has a world wide reputation for being the center of precision tool manufacturing. GUHDO history began, when, in this town in 1908 brothers Gustav and Hugo Doerken founded a company to manufacture precision tools for the woodworking industry, specifically circular saw blades and machine knives (corrugated, planer knives and paper cutting…read more

Cutting Birch Plywood and Other Layered, Engineered Wood panels Cutting Birch Plywood can be a daunting task if using the wrong tools. The nature of this material makes it imperative that chips are drawn out of the cut quickly to reduce heat and rapid tool wear. In the schematic below, a few polycrystalline diamond tool…read more

Cutting Particle Board with Melamine Surface Melamine is one of the most commonly used abrasive surface materials in cabinet construction. Without the proper cutting tool, cutting one or two panels might be the limit before the router bit is dull. Reason for this is the high aluminum oxide content which makes the layers of resin…read more

Cutting HPL and Phenolic Panels High pressure laminates (HPL) and phenolic panels are becoming more popular due to durability and performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance.  Furniture, floors, cabinetry and countertops are just a few of the products that utilize HPL and phenolic materials in modern designs. Cutting composites can be challenging and the characteristics…read more

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