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Insert Router Tooling offers an excellent opportunity to reduce tooling costs while increasing tool life and productivity. A key selling feature is the guarantee of consistent diameter and profile dimension accuracy as tool sharpening becomes obsolete. Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality DIN and ISO standards, our tools come with a stamp of satisfaction guarantee. Most traditional carbide-tipped tools can be replaced with a comparable insert tool, and, unless the task at hand is a prototype or one-off, will always be more economical over time. Examples of readily available CNC insert router tooling include V-Groove and folding bits, Edge bevel profiles, stile and rail profiles, raised panel profiles, cove bits, edge profiles, moulding and millwork profiles, rebate, jointing, planing, roughing, surface planing, other finishing bits and so much more. For straight cutting applications such as jointing, rebating, hogging, surfacing and V-grooving, the replacement knives are inexpensive to replace and yield two, and in some cases 4 use cycles due to reversible insert knives that feature multiple cutting edges. For machines using an HSK tool interface clamping system, insert tools are best paired with an HSK heat shrink tool holder for maximum tool life and performance!

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