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Our Carbide-tipped Drill and Boring Bits all feature metric shanks with a flat land for set screw tightening and are most commonly used on drill and boring machines such as Koch, Nottmeyer, Weeke, Biesse, Alberti, Scheer, Balestrini, Morbidelli, Torwegge, Vitap as well as CNC routers and machining centers. Used extensively in cabinet construction (32mm system), hardware seating and countless other applications, they are suitable for use on wood and composite materials. Our drill and boring bits feature different tool geometries to provide clean drilling of blind holes, hinge recess pockets as well as holes that penetrate through the material yet prevent blowout on the exit. Custom diameters can be ordered for as little as 10 pieces per size and rotation. For problem drilling applications, we stand ready to assist with application specific tool geometries such as slower or faster twist, rear edge guide, special carbide grades to other options such as HSS (for softwoods) or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped for very abrasive materials.

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