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Z1+1 PCD Bit



Our single and 2 flute PCD bits are all designed for nesting cuts with a short upshear. Upper Cutting edges shear downward toward the bottom of the material. The bottom edge shears upward to guarantee and crisp, clean edge on the bottom surface.

The 6811 series is a disposable design, but can usually be sharpened one time before discarding. PCD Diamond tools perform best when used on homogeneous material. They tend to wear faster when used for multiple material types.

The segmented PCD style is the most common design, and the teeth overlap each other so prevent any lines from becoming visible on the finished edge. However, spindle runout, old collets and often static nuts can affect the tool performance detrimentally, so the best way to insure maximum tool life and best finish is to pair a PCD tool with an HSK heat shrink tool holder.

For more information on the advantages and benefits of PCD tooling, you can read more here.

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Our single flute diamond bit features a short upcut, and is suitable for nesting cuts.  The single flute bits can be sharpened 1 time if run under correct operating parameters.   Cutting edges shear toward the center of the material in an up/down angle, to provide a very clean cut on laminated materials. The 2 flute bit can be sharpened approximately twice under when used under normal wear conditions and can be run with a feed rate of up to 200 in/m.

The feed rate guidelines in the second image are for peripheral cuts. For parting cuts, the
feed speed should be reduced! (25-30%)

Additional information


1/2", 3/4"


1", 27mm, 1-5/8"


3", 3-3/4"


1/2", 3/4"


1+1, 2+2

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