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CNC Calibration Arbor: HSK Models

HSK Calibration Arbor

CNC Calibration Arbor – HSK63F

Within the CNC Machining universe the HSK calibration arbor goes by many different names including the spindle run-out arbor, calibration arbor, runout test bars, spindle taper test bar, test arbor and calibration tool.  These integral maintenance tools offer a quick and easy way to test your CNC machine for accuracy and alignment after a crash, machine installation or relocation or simply as a periodic performance test.

The calibration arbor helps identify excessive slop or axial play early on, a factor that will greatly reduce machine performance and lead to excessive tool wear and breakage. Regular spindle inspection and calibration will ultimately reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs of the machine tool spindle and related bearings over the long term.

The GUHDO Precision Calibration Bar (Part# 6375.300.00 ) is available in all standard HSK-A, HSK-C,  and HSK63F as well as SK/ISO/BT models and are case-hardened and manufactured in Germany in accordance with strict European Standard  production specifications. Runout of less than 0.005mm at test bar nose and run out of less than 0.016mm on the test bar diameter are guaranteed.  For more information please give us a call at 1-800-544-8436 or contact us on our main website.