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Insert Knives

Insert Knives – Quick and Competitively Priced! Need new replacement insert knives? Think you might be paying too much? GDP manufactures solid carbide replacement insert knives on state-of-the-art profile grinding equipment which guarantees repeatability and accuracy every time!  Our carbide blanks are available in a variety of carbide grades, some designed for solid woods and others…read more

Disposable Inserts Help Reduce Machine Downtime Disposable inserts can reduce grinding costs and minimize machining downtime. The evolution of cutting tools has progressed from being quite labor-intense to heavily relying on machines and automated processes. With these efficiencies, it is now more important than ever to keep down set-up times and adjustment times in order to minimize…read more

Disposable Insert Cutters Continued Among the advantages of insert cutters is also the fact that they are very well-balanced and remain well-balanced throughout their life span. As long as no sharpening is done to the inserts, there are no weight changes, allowing for consistent cuts. This effect yields a cutter that can operate at higher…read more

Replacement Inserts for Tools Made by These Now Defunct Companies If you are looking for replacement insert knives for a cutter head manufactured by companies no longer in business, such as DeHart or LRH, we can help!   While LRH profiles were mostly standard sizes which we usually stock for immediate shipment, the DeHart replacements will…read more