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6365 – Weeke Chuck Are you using a Weeke BHX Point to Point machine that is equipped with the ETP hydro grip motor? If so, we offer our Weeke BHX collet chuck specifically designed for the ETP hydro clamping system.  This high precision chuck is produced with the required 25 mm shank and the height…read more

Drills Carbide-tipped, blind-hole, or through-hole drill bits are among the most indispensable tools in the furniture industry. When used in automatic boring machines or CNC machining centers, hole edge quality and tool life are the decisive quality criteria. Most drill bits used in North America today are Made in Taiwan or China since the introduction…read more

Proper Use of Drill Bits on CNC Machining Centers The proper use of drill bits on CNC applications is important. Using 10mm shank drill bits (with flat set screw land on the shank)  in a standard collet/tool holder setup can lead to vibration.  This causes poor finish, oval holes and chipping.   When compared to spiral…read more

NEW !! Quick Change Adapter Requiring No Special Clamping Screw Introducing a new generation quick change adapter (JSOFIX) for fast and easy tool changes of 10 mm shank drill bits. Whether you have a CNC drill station, a multispindle in line boring aggregate head, or multi spindle boring machine, this adaptor offers simplicity and efficiency….read more

Precision CNC Boring Drill Chuck The 6380 Series Universal CNC Boring Chuck is designed to clamp precision drill and boring bits with high clamping power and accuracy.  When it comes to clamping, the 6380 Series utilizes a Jacobs chuck clamping system, offering superior concentricity with a maximum tolerance of 0.02mm (.0008″) at a 35mm drill…read more

Specialized Confirmat Drill Bits In addition to our wide range of standard dowel, through and hinge style drill bits, our tooling program includes some specialty bits for longer drill lengths and special tool geometries for materials that can present challenges.  For the production of cabinets, shelving, and RTA (Ready to Assemble) furniture, one would typically…read more

Quick Change Adapters for CNC Drill Block Each machine has a unique and different designed quick change adapter and to help you identify them, we have listed them below: The Weeke adapter.  Part# 6050.006.10Diameter 20/10mm 46mm long The Biesse adapter.Part# 6050.003.10 (for 37mm), #6050.003.30 (for 30mm)Diameter 20/10mm and length 37 or 30mm The Busellato adapterDiameter 19/10mm…read more

The HSK 63 Tool Holder The HSK 63 high-speed tool holders are made for use on precision CNC routers and machining centers, as well as point-to-point machines with automatic tool changers.  The HSK tool holding system was developed in Germany as a set of standards and performance criteria for advanced machining where precision is imperative. HSK shank…read more

Looking for ETS Style Collets for Your CMS Machine? ETS Style collets for CMS routers are becoming more difficult to find and are very expensive to buy.  We have BT30 and BT35 tool holders for both machine brands that take standard ER collets….a much lower cost collet to replace. These tool holders come with a…read more

Saw Blade Clamping Adapters for CNC Machines GUHDO offers several clamping systems for mounting saw blades for use on CNC routers. Option one is a one-piece, integrated flange for mounting large diameter saw blades up to 400 mm (16”). The clamping flange offers an HSK63F machine connection with a flange to accept 30 mm bore…read more

The Drill on Drill Bits! While metric dimension drill bits all look quite similar to the untrained eye, there are differences in style, design and material quality that have a clear impact on tool performance, cost and your bottom line. About 20 years ago, carbide-tipped drill bits, previously manufactured for the most part in Germany…read more