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Confirmat Drill Bit

Specialized Confirmat Drill Bits

In addition to our wide range of standard dowel, through and hinge style drill bits, our tooling program includes some specialty bits for longer drill lengths and special tool geometries for materials that can present challenges.  For the production of cabinets, shelving, and RTA (Ready to Assemble) furniture, one would typically use standard drill bits for shelf pins, dowels, screws and hinges. In addition to these standard drills bits, GDP | GUHDO also offers specialized drills bits for the production and insertion of cabinet hinges, cam locks, connector housings and Confirmat screws commonly used in the production of cabinets, shelving and RTA furniture.

Specialized drill bits built to spec
Specialized Drill Bits – Built to Spec

Using Rafix panel connectors? The Rafix drill bit with integrated bevel for flush mount of the Rafix connector is included in our selection of drill bits. We also carry a variety of precision drill chucks and quick change adapters as well so we can quickly fill all of your tooling needs! If you currently utilize hardware supplied by Amerock, Blum, Grass, Hafela and Liberty and seek high-quality drilling solutions, contact us now to see how we can help you with your specialized requirements, such as Rafix Bits.

specialized hinge bit
Specialized Hinge Bit 6012.200.10