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There are three key factors that ensure the effectiveness of a cutting tool used in the machining processes.

HSK Calibration Arbor Within the CNC Machining universe the HSK calibration arbor goes by many different names including the spindle run-out arbor, calibration arbor, runout test bars, spindle taper test bar, test arbor and calibration tool.  These integral maintenance tools offer a quick and easy way to test your CNC machine for accuracy and alignment after…read more

What is Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tooling? PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) has been used in the wood/composites industry for over 40 years due to its abrasion resistant properties and hardness.  This synthetic cutting edge material was pioneered by the DeBeers company (famed for their natural diamond mining history) and General Electric’s Specialty Materials Division.   Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD…read more

Torque Wrench Insures Proper Tool Clamping Proper tool clamping is an essential component of the tool assembly and performance. Over-tightening the collet nut can lead to collet distortion, tool runout and breakage, while not tightening enough can lead to tool slippage or worse. The best solution to avoid either scenario is to use a torque…read more

Frequently Asked Questions on Cutting Tools Industry experts answer woodworkers’ frequently asked questions on cutting tools and their use. Reposting this article, in case you missed it, which was compiled by the Vance Publishing Team (Wood&Wood Products/CWB/woodworkingnetwork.com) Q: How do I know if my tooling is balanced? A: The absence of a drill mark does not automatically indicate that…read more

Taking the Guesswork out of Saw Blades – Selecting the Right Blade This article was featured in Cabinetmaker FDM (now Woodworkingnetwork) in Nov ’14.   Here is the original text in its entirety: With the plethora of saw blades available in the market today, it can be daunting for the user to choose the right blade…read more

Tooling Basics for CNC Machining Below is an article GDP|GUHDO contributed to FDMCdigital.com January 2015 edition (formerly FDM/Cabinetmaker)    Understanding fundamentals of CNC tooling can make a huge difference in your costs, productivity, and efficiency.  Most CNC machining centers for wood, plastics and composite machining today are equipped with steep taper ISO/SK/BT style, or more frequently…read more

Machining Bead Board Profiles If producing bead board is part of your product offering, there are several options to achieve this profile.  The preferred option with grooving capability is using a profile insert or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutter head.  It is the most efficient and cost effective solution, allowing the bead board profile to be cut in a…read more

Precision CNC Tool Holder Options Standard HSK collet chucks are currently the most common in use in the woodworking industry. They are relatively inexpensive, and highly flexible due to the wide range of collet sizes that are available and easy to interchange.   While HSK style collet chucks are a good choice for most applications, the multiple…read more

The Safety of Cutting Tools The North American woodworking industry is not regulated with standards and guidelines that insure the safety of cutting tools.  Cutting tools can be dangerous and, if used incorrectly, can inflict serious injury and even death!  Basic safety guidelines such as wearing eye protection, using saw guards, dust masks and other…read more

Is Your CNC Machine Burning Material or Bits? Have you ever experienced smoke or even worse burning during the routing process and wondered why this is happening? While friction is the cause of the problem, the root cause can be harder to identify. Feed rates, rotation speed, halts in momentum and a variety of other factors…read more

The Drill on Drill Bits! While metric dimension drill bits all look quite similar to the untrained eye, there are differences in style, design and material quality that have a clear impact on tool performance, cost and your bottom line. About 20 years ago, carbide-tipped drill bits, previously manufactured for the most part in Germany…read more