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Weeke BHX Collet Chuck

6365 – Weeke Chuck

Are you using a Weeke BHX Point to Point machine that is equipped with the ETP hydro grip motor? If so, we offer our Weeke BHX collet chuck specifically designed for the ETP hydro clamping system.  This high precision chuck is produced with the required 25 mm shank and the height adjustment screw and is designed to accept standard RDO 20 (407 E) style collets for shank diameters up to ½”.   

6365 series Collet Chuck for very small diameter bits, also used on Weeke BHX
6365 Series Weeke Chuck
6365 ER16 Tool Holder for Weeke BHX

Using only the highest quality materials ensures the highest levels of precision and the tool body is tempered, ground and precision balanced. The Weeke BHX Collet Chuck can also be used as a tool holder for small diameter shank tools on any other CNC machine for which you cannot find a corresponding standard collet size. RDO20 style collets offer more selection of smaller sizes than, for instance, RDO35 collets do. If using for such cases, we highly recommend purchasing an HSK Heat Shrink tool holder with this adapter (we mount them for free!) to guarantee perfect concentricity (.003mm!) and an excellent performance and surface finish.

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