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Drill Bits


Carbide-tipped, blind-hole, or through-hole drill bits are among the most indispensable tools in the furniture industry. When used in automatic boring machines or CNC machining centers, hole edge quality and tool life are the decisive quality criteria.

Solid Carbide V-Point Bit for Cabinet Construction

Most drill bits used in North America today are Made in Taiwan or China since the introduction of bits from Taiwan/China came with prices so low that European manufacturers could no longer compete and meet the lower price demands. Nevertheless, the quality and performance data clearly show that especially in high volume use, the European made drill bits deliver both better quality and longer tool life. Upon closer inspection, one might notice that the flute on a German made drill bit has a faster twist (to bring the chips out of the hole more efficiently), and a rather detailed cutting geometry on the tip. The distance between center point and spurs on dowel bits will determine if problems occur when drilling in material with poorly distributed adhesive of the laminate. This often results in laminate discs forming when drilling holes and getting stuck in the drill bit tip. At GDP, we do offer options for drilling applications that are problematic and not resolved with the lower cost Taiwanese bits.

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