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Quality counts!

Not all tool holders are of equal quality, as appears to be evident in the photograph below. To the left is a GDP heat shrink tool holder, Made in Germany to highest quality standards, vacuum hardened to 54 HRC which improves corrosion resistance and increases tensile strength. It features a slender and aerodynamic design. To the right is a holder sold by a competitor and manufactured in Southeast Asia.. The bulky shaft design which is a full 8mm larger in diameter adds unnecessary weight and strain on the spindle bearings which can eventually lead to costly spindle repair or replacement.

HSK Heat Shrink tool holders are a superb option for extending tool life and improving surface finish, but can be cost-prohibitive due to the additional investment needed for a heat induction unit required for tool changes.

For replaceable insert cutting tools, or for longer running diamond tooling that must be returned to the manufacturer for servicing or replacement anyway, they are an obvious choice.

HSK Heat Shrink tool holders come in a standard length of A=75mm (this “A” dimension is measured from the shoulder of the tool holder to the bottom. They are also available in longer reach execution which is suitable for 5-axis machining and have a length of A=108mm. Custom Lengths are made on request. HSK-E and HSK-A version also available.