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Our non-ferrous cutting program features the most common size blades for Festo, Elu, Haffner, Makita, Rapid, Ulmia, Wegoma, Eisele, Kaltenbach, Graule and others for cutting non-ferrous metals. We are proud to be the exclusive North American licensee for the world-renowned GUHDO brand of high quality industrial circular saw blades. Boasting a history dating back to 1908, GUHDO circular saw blades are in a class of their own and set themselves apart from other blade manufacturers beginning with the saw body. Highest grade industrial steel plates are the foundation of a long-lasting saw blade, since the blade body will otherwise become fatigued long before the blade has served its final run cycle. Large, carbide tips selected from the finest grades of micro-grain carbide and chosen based on the blade's intended application, insure many re-sharpenings before the blade must be retired. Carefully engineered blade geometries are based on painstaking research to optimize cut quality and overall blade performance.

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