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Cutting Particle Board with Melamine Surface

Cutting Particle Board with Melamine Surface

Melamine is one of the most commonly used abrasive surface materials in cabinet construction. Without the proper cutting tool, cutting one or two panels might be the limit before the router bit is dull. Reason for this is the high aluminum oxide content which makes the layers of resin bond more abrasion and scratch resistant for exposure to daily use. The ideal cutting tool for melamine is a polycrystalline diamond bit. If using solid carbide bits, we have found that the percentage/ratio of cobalt binder in the carbide grade to cut melamine will strongly affect tool life! In fact, the amount of cobalt binder in solid carbide bits affects tool life in other materials as well. For this reason, we offer 3 different grades of solid carbide bits, depending on what the intended use is. Using the right carbide grade can mean the difference between cutting 2 panels or cutting 80 panels between tool change! Have a project you need tooling assistance with? Give us a call at 800-544-8436 or email us at sales@gdptooling.com.

Selection of PCD cutter options for melamine surface panels
Selection of PCD Cutter Options for melamine coated panels

Workpiece : Particleboard with melamine surface

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