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Cutting Particleboard with Rough Cut Veneer or Stainless Steel Laminate When it comes to cutting tools for particleboard, there is no “one-size-fits-all” recommendation. When machining particleboard (an engineered wood product) it is imperative to make the correct tool choice if obtaining optimal tool life is desired. Tool wear rate will much depend on the composition…read more

Cutting MDF Veneer Covered & Gypsum Fiber Panels When it comes to cutting tools for MDF or Cement Fiber Board, there are numerous options and recommendations. When machining MDF (an engineered wood product) it is imperative to make the correct tool choice if obtaining optimal tool life is desired. Tool wear rate will much depend…read more

Carbide Insert V-Fold Mitre Bit for CNC Machining Our mitre-fold Insert V-Groove Router Bit boasts a special tip grind for perfect fold and a crisp corner clean out. Available in 91° standard version (#4320.050.34) which is used on wood and composite materials up to 25mm thick, which allows for expansion and glue space, there is…read more

Examples of Machining Carbon Composites Workpiece : Carbon composite Cutting and machining carbon composites such as CFRP, CRP, CFRTP and other acronyms this composite goes by, has presented a challenge to conventional cutting tools. These materials, often used in products where structural integrity is important, are composite polymers made up of resins, plastics, graphite, silica,…read more

Torque Wrench Insures Proper Tool Clamping Proper tool clamping is an essential component of the tool assembly and performance. Over-tightening the collet nut can lead to collet distortion, tool runout and breakage, while not tightening enough can lead to tool slippage or worse. The best solution to avoid either scenario is to use a torque…read more

Cutting Solid Wood (Oak) Workpiece : Solid wood (oak) Machining solid wood can entail a wide variety of cutting applications. Sizing, profiling, grooving, slotting, boring, rebating, jointing and so much more. Having the right tool for the job is paramount, not only for performance and finish, but also for safety! Below are some examples of…read more

Stronger Wood Joints with Series 4070 Mitre Joint Cutter While we all need strong joints to last a lifetime, when it comes to wood, we have a Mitre Joint Cutter for Stronger Joints! GDP Tooling offers the series 4070 insert cutter head for producing accurate and incredibly strong, “Lock” mitre joints. This steel body insert…read more

Proper Use of Drill Bits on CNC Machining Centers The proper use of drill bits on CNC applications is important. Using 10mm shank drill bits (with flat set screw land on the shank)  in a standard collet/tool holder setup can lead to vibration.  This causes poor finish, oval holes and chipping.   When compared to spiral…read more

Saw Blades for SCM M2, M3 Multi-rip Saw Our Marietta, GA warehouse stock sturdy industrial quality saw blades for SCM M2 or M3 rip saws. Designed with chip limitors and chip clearance guides, these blades are tipped with a special carbide grade to provide best possible life cutting a variety of materials, from hardwood to…read more

NEW !! Quick Change Adapter Requiring No Special Clamping Screw Introducing a new generation quick change adapter (JSOFIX) for fast and easy tool changes of 10 mm shank drill bits. Whether you have a CNC drill station, a multispindle in line boring aggregate head, or multi spindle boring machine, this adaptor offers simplicity and efficiency….read more

Megaspeed PCD Router Bit for Excellent Edge Finish and Highest Feed Rates Our Megaspeed PCD bit offers a sturdy tool body with helically positioned, aggressive cutting angles that have a compression style shear effect.  This tool is bottom cutting, so can be used for rebating, jointing and panel sizing on particleboard, MDF and other wood…read more

Insert Tooling for Tenon Production GDP Tooling offers many specialty cutter heads for various machines and applications. One such application is an insert knife cutter head for the production of tenons. Commonly used in the furniture industry, GDP Tooling’s adjustable insert cutter head is specifically designed for tenon machines including Bacci, Balestrini, Pade and Greda….read more