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Cutting Solid Wood Tools

Cutting Solid Wood (Oak)

Workpiece : Solid wood (oak)

Machining solid wood can entail a wide variety of cutting applications. Sizing, profiling, grooving, slotting, boring, rebating, jointing and so much more. Having the right tool for the job is paramount, not only for performance and finish, but also for safety! Below are some examples of typical tool selections for applications that require more than a solid carbide spiral bit!

Depending on the panel count to be machined, a roughing bit might suffice being a solid carbide roughing bit, or, for larger volume, an insert roughing bit might be more cost-effective. For profiling, an insert tool is most definitely going to be more cost effective than any carbide-tipped tool. Choosing the right cutting tool for machining solid wood can make a huge difference in performance, finish and economics of an application.

The example below shows a selection of tool types used in solid wood:

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Cutting tool example solid wood (oak)
Cutting tool example for use on solid wood

1 RAPIDO Profile Cutter T.C. Z2

2 Roughing-Finishing Cutter solid T.C. Z3

3 Ovolo Cutter T.C. Z2 No.

4 Hinge Boring Bit with rev. T.C. tips Z2+V2

5 Twist Drill solid T.C. Z2

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