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Cutting Carbon Composites

Examples of Machining Carbon Composites

Workpiece : Carbon composite

Cutting and machining carbon composites such as CFRP, CRP, CFRTP and other acronyms this composite goes by, has presented a challenge to conventional cutting tools. These materials, often used in products where structural integrity is important, are composite polymers made up of resins, plastics, graphite, silica, glass and other contents in various combinations. Found often in the aerospace, automotive, sports equipment and many other industries, the only way to effectively machine this composite product is with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tooling. PCD is the only cutting material capable of standing up to the challenge of cutting carbon composites.

Similar materials: Fiberglass-reinforced plastics

Below are examples of PCD tools used for sizing, grooving, slotting, and drilling holes in carbon fiber composites. In sawing applications, a PCD tipped saw blade would be the most suitable tool.

Equally important as the cutting tool being used, the accuracy of the clamping system will also impact tool life. PCD tools, in particular, are susceptible to impact damage and any irregularity such as excessive tool runout caused by old collets or static collet nuts, will negatively affect tool performance.

carbon composites tooling examples
Carbon Composite Tooling Examples

1 Diamond-Dowel Drill

2 DIATEC-4 Diamond Router Cutter

3 DIATEC Diamond Cutter with alternate shear angle

4 DIATEC-4-QUATTRO Diamond Router Cutter

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