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Saw Blades for SCM rip Saw

Saw Blades for SCM M2, M3 Multi-rip Saw

SCM M2 and M3 rip saw blade
SCM M2 and M3 rip saw blade – PN# 2012.301.70

Our Marietta, GA warehouse stock sturdy industrial quality saw blades for SCM M2 or M3 rip saws. Designed with chip limitors and chip clearance guides, these blades are tipped with a special carbide grade to provide best possible life cutting a variety of materials, from hardwood to composites. Look no further because the GUHDO “Classic” precision blade for multi rip saw models has a proven track record as the OEM blade for decades. The GUHDO “Classic” blade is great for heavy duty industrial ripping of a wide variety of material types including soft and hardwood, MDF and select composites.  Blade specifications are 300mm (12″) diameter 3.2 kerf and 70mm bore with double keyway.  (Item# 2012.301.70). The 24 extra large TCT tips featured on this saw blade guarantee many regrinds over the life of the blade, and a precision tensioned saw plate to guarantee optimum performance.

GUHDO “Classic” blades are made in Germany to the highest quality standards.  For more details on GUHDO rip saw blades, please follow this link.  Got questions on choosing the right saw blade or looking for more information? Feel free to contact us today.