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Insert Tooling for Tenon Production

Insert Tooling for Tenon Production

GDP Tooling offers many specialty cutter heads for various machines and applications. One such application is an insert knife cutter head for the production of tenons. Commonly used in the furniture industry, GDP Tooling’s adjustable insert cutter head is specifically designed for tenon machines including Bacci, Balestrini, Pade and Greda. Available for use on single or double sided machines, these two-piece cutter heads offer easy use and adjustment capability to produce tenon lengths of 5 – 50 mm. Above shows the option for single sided tenon machine.

Tenoning Cutterhead for frames, furniture parts etc.
Tenon Cutter

The adjustment is achieved with the use of a Vernier scale located on the side of the cutter head. Supplied with standard, double and four sided inserts, these cutter heads are designed to produce precise, accurate tenons at an incredibly low production cost. If you currently have a tenon machine and are using carbide tipped tooling, it’s high time to upgrade to new insert tooling technology and start saving on your tooling cost!  Insert Tooling for tenon production is particularly cost-effective because the carbide insert knives used on this cutter design are not only 4-sided yielding 4 cycles, but are also very inexpensive. For more information, please contact us

Double Sided Adjustable Tenon Cutters