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Megaspeed PCD Router Bit

Megaspeed PCD Router Bit for Excellent Edge Finish and Highest Feed Rates

Our Megaspeed PCD bit offers a sturdy tool body with helically positioned, aggressive cutting angles that have a compression style shear effect.  This tool is bottom cutting, so can be used for rebating, jointing and panel sizing on particleboard, MDF and other wood composite materials.  Tips are positioned to provide 4 edges where the laminate is being cut and 2 in the middle cutting area.  A feed rate of 35 meters/min (over 1350″/min) can be achieved. This provides better performance/wear with many of the very abrasive laminates being utilized today.  All cutting edges have polished PCD tips with large regrind areas. The Megaspeed PCD Router bit can be sharpened 4-5 times with normal wear conditions.

When it comes to diamond router tooling there are many options and price points available which depend on the material being machined, intended feed speeds and budget for a particular project. Whether or not a tool can be sharpened once or multiple times also plays a role in the pricing since the bigger the PCD tip, the more it can be sharpened!

Feed rates of up to 35meters/min  (114 ft/min) are possible on this revolutionary new design.

Megaspeed PCD router bit
Designed to cut laminated composite at very fast feed rates.

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