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How to Machine a "Smoke Top Hat"

Photo by: Mayo2Media (www.mayo2media.com)

At GDP Industrial Tooling we have been serving our customers unique tooling needs for over 35+ years. We were recently presented with a query on how to machine a “Smoke Top Hat” made of hardwood on a CNC machine. A Smoke Top Hat is used in the bar and restaurant industry to add a smoky flavor to various cocktails.

The process starts with machining a large cylinder out of hardwood stock with our 6245 Planer Series. From there, the top portion of the cylinder is reduced in diameter by cutting out the edge in a circular pass. This is then followed by a custom grooving insert tool that simultaneously machines two cove cuts (finger grips) in the edge of the top portion of the “hat” for ease of grip and additional aesthetics. (shown below).

The combination of the two tools saves numerous hours of tedious work. The 6245 series machines the main cylindrical shape that was previously done in step passes by a small diameter router bit. This step reduces production time by more than 50%. The custom tool for the finger grips as seen below also saves 50% of production time due to the cove cuts being machined at the same time.

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The process has never been so simple! A dimensioned sketch, tracing or CAD drawing is all we need to provide a firm quotation. Once an order is placed, a production drawing is provided for verification of all details, i.e. profile accuracy, rotation, shank and cutting diameter, cut length etc. As soon as the drawing specs are confirmed and customer gives us the green light, we are off to the races to get the tool delivered in lightning speed!

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