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GDP Custom Router Tooling Program

Custom Router Tooling Program

Insert Profile Tool for MDF Doors
Carbide Insert Profile Tool Detail

GDP Custom router tooling program, “Customize it!” is among the most comprehensive and economical solutions in the industry!  We manufacture per specifications required and in most cases can deliver within a 2 week lead time thanks to custom stock bodies which are part of our popular custom profile tooling program.

If your custom profile fits into one of our stock tool blank bodies (some more examples shown below), you will save time and money!  If it doesn’t fit, we can still provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your needs.  To get started, simply contact us and if possible, send along a CAD drawing or sketch of what you are trying to accomplish.  You’ll be surprised how easy the process is!

Whether you need a custom raised panel profile, a handrail detail, a finger-joint, cabinet door profile, bull- nose, rosette, edge detail or decorative profile, chances are it fits onto one of our stock bodies!

Insert Knife Handrail Cutter
Insert Handrail Cutter for CNC Machining

When it comes to profile tooling needs for CNC machining, GDP’s insert router tooling program provides substantial benefits over its carbide-tipped counterpart. Replacement profile knives are considerably lower cost than a new profile tool, profile accuracy is maintained 100% of the time, whereas a profile loses accuracy every time a carbide-tipped tool is sharpened. Lastly, micrograin carbide grades are available for use on more abrasive materials which are not used when brazing a carbide tip into a router tool. For more information, contact us today!