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Insert Tooling Program Advantages

“Customize it” Insert Tooling Program for CNC Machines

Carbide insert Finger Joint Cutter
Carbide Insert Fingerjoint Cutter

The Insert Tooling Program Advantages of our “Customize-it” system include:

  • No backer plates!  Tool body becomes a dedicated cutter and supports the insert knife, thus improving tool precision!
  • Constant cutting diameter with no re-adjustment necessary due to dimension changes when sharpening carbide-tipped tooling
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with European Safety Standards
  • All tool bodies are precision balanced to G2.5 specifications
  • Extremely Cost-effective!
  • Inserts can be sharpened (face-ground)
  • Special carbide grades available depending on application
  • Cost sometimes less than the cost of a carbide-tipped equivalent tool
  • Excellent tool life!
  • No lengthy lead time!

In this example of profile insert tooling, you see all the component tooling for solid wood cabinet doors. Insert tooling for exterior windows and doors are generally provided as cutters on HSK arbor tooling.

Solid Wood Cabinet Door Insert Tooling
Solid Wood cabinet door insert tooling
Solid Wood Cabinet Tooling
Solid Wood Cabinet Tooling

The below example shows insert tooling for MDF door production,  these profiles are just examples of the many variety of tools…whether a shaker door, square corner MDF door, traditional or more contemporary profile, we produce per your exact specifications!

MDF Cabinet Door Tooling
MDF Cabinet Door Tooling

Interested? To learn more about our insert tooling program advantages, you can contact us at sales@gdptooling.com or call us toll free at 1-800-544-8436 to receive a quote for a custom router tool!