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Cutting Birch Plywood

Cutting Birch Plywood and Other Layered, Engineered Wood panels

Cutting Birch Plywood can be a daunting task if using the wrong tools. The nature of this material makes it imperative that chips are drawn out of the cut quickly to reduce heat and rapid tool wear. In the schematic below, a few polycrystalline diamond tool options are shown, and these will generally provide the most economical machining when higher volume is to be cut. For smaller projects, a solid carbide spiral bit with chipbreakers is the best solution since the chipbreakers help break up the chips and facilitate moving them out of the cut and into the dust collection system. If you have an upcoming project and aren’t sure what the best tool for the job is, we would love to help! Call us today at 800-544-8436!

Workpiece left: Multiplex-Birch
Workpiece right: Multiplex-Birch-Corian® coated

Similar materials: Plywood of various wood-types. Coated HPL

Cutting multiplex birch and other engineered wood

1 Cutter with rev. T.C. tips Z2 No. 22005-5
2 DIANORM-TRIO-Router Cutter Z3 No. 13750-9
3 Dowel Drill solid T.C. Z2 No. 30568-6
4 Dowel Drill T.C.T. Z2 No. 30540-5
5 DIAFORM Rounding Over Cutter Z2 No. 11000-9
6 DIAFORM Square Trimming Cutter Z2 No. 11000-9 7 DIAFORM Bevel Cutter Z2 No. 11000-9