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Identifying HSK Tool Holder Inferface

If ever tasked with the challenge of identifying an HSK tool holder, the following will explain the differences and dimensions of the machine spindle interface (upper portion) of the HSK Holder. These high precision clamping tools are available as heat shrink construction, collet chucks, Weldon shank adapters and arbor adapter options. Other particulars can include internal coolant tubes, Balluff chip accommodation, slim line and long reach designs, among other attributes. Classified by universal DIN standards (German industry norm classification), the HSK tool clamping systems have varying sizes/dimensions and here is how to identify the most common ones, below.

DIN 68893-1 includes HSK-A 63, HSK-A 80, HSK-A 100, HSK-A 40 and HSK-A 50

HSK-Ad1d9 max.l1f1f2 min.b1b2b3M

DIN 69893-5 includes HSK-E32, HSK-E 40 and HSK-E 50

HSK-Ed1d9 max.l1f1f2 min.M

DIN 69893-6 includes HSK-F 63

HSK-Fd1d9 max.l1f1f2 min.

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