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Diamond tipped saw blades are an excellent choice when cutting larger volumes of homogenous material.  In particular, a polycrystalline diamond tipped (PCD) blade will excel in applications such as cutting melamine and HPL coated panel products, solid surface materials such as Corian, cement fiber board panels and fiberglass, among others, which are all very hard on conventional carbide cutting tools.  On average, the diamond blade can last 50 times longer than a carbide blade before sharpening is required, and in many cases, far beyond that.  Blades are a perfect fit for use on panel / beam saws as well as sliding table saws.  They are even used on portable saws, especially for installation of laminate flooring, cement fiber board siding and other abrasive cutting needs.  Get your no-obligation PCD Blade quote by simply completing this form and sending it to sales@gdptooling.com

Line Dwg PCD Blade

When it comes to diamond saw blades, it is of particular importance to partner with a company that isn’t only expert in PCD tooling technology, but also saw blade technology.  Especially with larger diameter saw blades, the integrity of the saw plate is of paramount importance if the blade body is expected to stand up to the endurance of the diamond tips it is being tipped with.

A diamond blade can be re-sharpened, and the number of times it can be sharpened depends, among other factors, on the height of the diamond tip the blade is manufactured with.  Typically, our “Classic” diamond blades have a 6.5mm tip height which can yield up to 12 sharpenings.  A more economical blade (lower initial cost) is available with a 5mm tip height which will yield about 6 sharpenings.  With normal wear, about 0.5mm of the PCD is removed with every sharpening.  Diamond blades have to be returned to our facility when dull, as they are not sharpened the same way as conventional carbide blades.  They require highly specialized machinery to service.

Some more popular size blades are available from stock, and even custom sizes are usually shipped within 4 weeks of receiving an order.  For more information, please contact us today.