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CNC Custom Profile Tools

Since introducing our “Customize it” program over a decade ago, we have manufactured and delivered countless CNC custom profile tools in record speed and at prices that are impressively competitive! Made in Germany, this extensive CNC profile tooling program includes a wide range of in-stock tool body blanks which are manufactured in larger series to reduce production cost and provide quickest lead times on custom profile tooling requirements. Designed to accommodate many styles of custom profile needs, a completely dedicated high-precision custom profile tool body can be finished up and in use within a few short weeks!

Below are some examples of the tool body blanks, ready to be profiled to a specific customer requirement. The below selection all have inside / bottom cutting capability for applications such as decorative grooves, MDF door profiles, cove cuts, rosettes and much more.

There is no backer plate required to support the insert knives, as the tool body itself becomes a profiled dedicated body that provides full and continuous support for the insert. Tool bodies and the corresponding insert knives are quoted separately , and when ordering a minimum of 12 insert knives, the one-time nominal template charge is waived. There is no minimum insert quantity that must be ordered.

Following is an example of a custom CNC profile tool made with one of the above body blanks (second row, far left). Delivered to the customer at likely no more than the cost of an equivalent custom carbide tipped tool…but destined to perform with a much longer run time, better finish and constant profile! For best results, we always recommend pairing an insert tool with a heat shrink tool holder if the machine has HSK tool interface. By eliminating the compounded tolerances inherent with a tool holder, collet and collet nut setup, and the heat shrink tool holder accuracy of .003mm (yes, that is .00012″!), sanding becomes obsolete! And since the tool doesn’t have to be removed from the tool holder for sharpening, it’s a no-brainer!

The below body blanks are used for profiles such as outside edge profiles, bullnose, round-overs, slotting, handrails, quarter-rounds, beading, molding, table edge, Ogees, chamfers and more!

The process has never been so simple! A dimensioned sketch, tracing or CAD drawing is all we need to provide a firm quotation. Once an order is placed, a production drawing is provided for verification of all details, i.e. profile accuracy, rotation, shank and cutting diameter, cut length etc. As soon as the drawing specs are confirmed and customer gives us the green light, we are off to the races to get the tool delivered in lightning speed!

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