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Shaper Tooling

GDP’s Shaper Tooling program includes a wide range of insert tools suitable for use on wood shapers. Tools in our standard offering include rebate, jointing, planing, grooving, beveling, rounding-over, finger-jointing, tongue & groove as well as miter cutters. Profile tooling for cope and stick (stile and rail), cove, beads, ogees, edging, and other customized needs have a 4 week lead time. Today’s blog highlights tools specifically for jointing and rebating applications.

Our 4030 series is a jointing and rebating insert cutter head that is available in diameters of 100 and 125 mm, with cutting widths of 30, 50 and 60 mm. This tool utilizes standard, double sided insert knives along with 4-sided spurs to cut clean rebate corners. This sturdy steel tool body secures the insert knife into accurate position by use of a gib/wedge that locks it in place. It’s ideal for machining a wide variety of materials, including soft and hard woods along with composite based materials. Depending on feed and finish quality, this tool is available in two and four wing versions. Per European safety standards, this tool may be used in both manual and power feed applications.


Series No. 4031 offers the same applications as the 4030 series, but offers alternating shear cutting geometry which is especially helpful in obtaining best quality cut when machining composite materials with a surface lamination. Available in tool diameters of 125 and 140 mm and a 50 mm cutting width, the alternating shear angle also provides an excellent finish quality in soft and hard woods.


For larger surface machining, specifically for copy shaping/planing, we offer series No. 4-539. This aluminum body, helical insert cutter head utilizes standard, 4-sided inserts that produce an excellent finish quality on a variety of materials. The helical design improves chip removal, reduces decibel levels during operation and offers an excellent, line-free finish quality. The picture below illustrates this tool with a bearing guide for use in a copy shaping application of solid woods up to 3-3/4” thick.

with bearing guide

Most tools are generally available from factory stock with US standard bores of 1-1/4” and European standard of 30 mm. Carbide insert-style cutting tools offer great cost and time savings for any woodworking facility from the smaller, custom shops to larger millwork facilities utilizing shapers. All tools are designed for safe operator use while providing reduced, long term operational cost.

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