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Tooling for Cutting Composites The use of composite materials has been on the rise for years due to their unique characteristics including reductions in weight and increased flexibility.  By definition a composite is a combination of two other materials used to create a unique material that is superior to either input material (a super-material?).  The performance…read more

The Importance of Ball Bearing Collet Nuts on HSK/ISO Tool Holders The importance of a ball bearing in the collet nut cannot be understated.  Apart from the fact that it allows the user to run both CW and CCW tools in the same tool holder, it is the solution to eliminating tool slippage problems during…read more

Lock Mortise Bits (Deep Pocket) Pockets as deep as 4” are not a problem with our deep pocket lock mortise bits. These long reach bits are becoming extremely popular for cutting deep pockets either horizontally or vertically.  This tool is designed for routing/drilling deep mortise pockets in either composite material or solid wood.  The tool body…read more

Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router Tooling When purchasing tooling for CNC routers the most common choice, especially for nested operations, is solid carbide router bits. Because of the overwhelming options, particularly in small diameters, number of flutes and improved feed speeds, solid carbide is a safe and popular choice. When it comes to machining thicker…read more

Precision ThermoTec Heat Shrink Tool Holder The ThermoTec heat shrink chucks are precision balanced to 30,000RPM with a runout tolerance of .003mm (0.00012″) making them great for high torque/high speed machining. In heat shrink chucks,  collets and nuts are not used between the tool shank and tool holder creating a more evenly distributed clamping force…read more

Up vs Down Shear Router Bits Ever wondered what the difference is between up and down shear router bits? To the untrained eye, telling the difference between these bits can be difficult if you see them sitting side by side; however, once you see them rotating, the difference becomes clear. The major differences between up…read more

Keys to Cost Savings while Machining Solid Surface Material At GDP|GUHDO we strive to help our customers optimize cutting tool performance and cost – we recently contributed this article to the ISFA (International Surface Fabricators Association)  for the Q4 2014 issue of Countertop & Architectural Surfaces Magazine . Keys to Cost Savings while Machining Solid Surface Material While the…read more

Cost Comparison – Inserts vs. Solid Carbide Bits We’ve had some interest around how the costs break down in our last post,  “Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router Tooling”.  Here is an example using the same 6243 series (PN#6243.029.34 with insert#6243.295.00) two flute compression style insert router bit for comparison against a solid carbide two flute compression spiral (PN#6229.750.20M) to see how…read more

DIGITEC Tool Measuring System Make tool setup a snap! Streamlining and optimizing production, calls for creating an efficient operational sequence when routing, milling and boring. That includes highly accurate tool measurement and setup, as after each tool change, the new tool data must be programmed into the machining center/router in order to maintain consistent machining results…read more

The Right Tooling for High Output Stair and Hand Rail Production Modern stair and hand rail production is an evolving process. Production methods of standard, straight stairways have their challenges but typically pose no production difficulties when using the right tooling. When producing specialized curved or winding staircases, more advanced machinery and tooling is required. With…read more

Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head The 4058 Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head is a versatile tool that’s invaluable for any custom woodworking facility, especially moulding and millwork shops. This tool is like no other insert cutter-head on the market and it’s used on a number of machines including shapers, tenoners and moulders. What makes this tool truly unique is…read more

During the recent industry trade show, IWF-TV featured a visit to the GDP | GUHDO booth to bring it to you “Live from IWF 2018!” . Interviewer, Jared Patchin stopped at our booth to learn more about tooling options for cabinet production on behalf of the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA in August 2018…read more