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Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router

Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router Tooling

When purchasing tooling for CNC routers the most common choice, especially for nested operations, is solid carbide router bits. Because of the overwhelming options, particularly in small diameters, number of flutes and improved feed speeds, solid carbide is a safe and popular choice. When it comes to machining thicker materials and when a larger diameter is acceptable, we offer the 6243 Series Insert Router Bit which is a two flute compression tool with replaceable insert tips designed to create a chip free surface finish on solid wood and laminated panel products.

Insert Compression Bit
6243 Series Router Bit

This up/down shear (compression) insert router bit is ideal for the rigors of machining thicker materials while providing the benefits that come with having replaceable carbide inserts. Initially only available with single sided inserts, this series has been completely redesigned to utilize double sided inserts providing a longer run time and cleaner cuts. With the recent design change, the cost effectiveness of this tool has increased dramatically.  The up/down shear design, provides an excellent alternative to a 3/4″ solid carbide compression bit for machining double sided laminated panels, solid woods and plastics requiring a high quality, chip-free finish.

The 6243 series is available in three cut capacities, 33mm, 53mm & up to 75mm! If you are using larger diameter (3/4”) solid carbide tooling, then consider our 6243 series insert bit.  Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction and excellent finish results! 

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Post written by Scott Smith, GUHDO USA Inc.