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Insert Core Box Router Bit This popular Insert Core Box Router Bit provides constant diameter and long tool life due to its micro grain carbide insert, that can be rotated 180 degrees for a brand new cutting edge!

Edgebander Replacement Tooling Finding Edgebander replacement tooling is not always an easy task.  With the large selection of edgebander makes and models in operation, it can be difficult for your tooling supplier to identify exactly what you need. GUHDO has specialized in edgebander replacement tooling for over 28 years and we stocks all popular size replacement…read more

National “Get Woodworking Week!” It’s National Get Woodworking Week! Woodworking is a hobby and/or profession that is fun and interesting. It not only challenges creative skills but also analytical skills. On top of that, it also leaves one with a feeling of satisfaction upon finishing a project and being able to see a completed product….read more

Shank Tools Shank tools for sizing, profiling, grooving and milling light openings including lockset cutting are a decisive factor in determining the performance and versatility of CNC machining centers. Improved finish of the cutting edge on the laminated panel, surfaces free from scoring and tear outs with all materials, and smooth, step-free transitions are the…read more

Clamping Systems Clamping Systems are a decisive link between a tool and the machine spindle. Tool life and attainable work piece quality, but also safety are significantly influenced by clamping systems. Ideally the clamping system should be: of low weight of low imbalance compliant with the norm made of high quality steel Clamping technology assumes…read more

Cutting Lightweight/Honeycomb Panels Honeycomb panels are used in the aerospace, marine, transportation, automotive and wind energy industries due to their light weight, strength, rigidity and stability. A variety of material types are used in these panels including plastics, composites, aluminum and wood depending on the panels application and construction.  For composite panels, diamond tooling is preferable however the thickness of…read more

Precision Aggregate Heads – Made in Germany Are you struggling with moving your work from one machine to another?  Do you have to re-position the work-piece on your machine?  Is your machine unable to perform specific criteria, which causes you to turn down business?  If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, continue…read more

Dust Plugs Prolong Spindle Life! The HSK Spindle Dust Plug (HSK63-F) is a filler piece that serves to protect the machine spindle during times the machine is exposed to the possibility of dust or debris entering the housing. During a horizontal drilling or sawing/grooving application, for instance, airborne dust can enter the spindle housing. During…read more

PCD Diamond Router Bit Designs These PCD diamond router bits were recently featured in an article about Tooling Technology for Woodworking on woodworkingnetwork.com as one of the greatest ways to reduce tooling costs in the right situation. PCD tools are great for situations where the material being cut is consistent lacking metals or impurities that might chip…read more

HSS Guillotine/Mobile Knife for Biesse Edgebander Models The Biesse Guillotine Knife for Edgebanders is available from stock in our Marietta, GA facility. This HSS guillotine / mobile knife, Biesse Item #E0814E0401, measures 90×49.5x9mm is use on select Biesse banders.  For price, please contact us at 800-544-8436 or sales@gdptooling.com  This is just one item in our…read more

The Safety of Cutting Tools The North American woodworking industry is not regulated with standards and guidelines that insure the safety of cutting tools.  Cutting tools can be dangerous and, if used incorrectly, can inflict serious injury and even death!  Basic safety guidelines such as wearing eye protection, using saw guards, dust masks and other…read more

Deep Mortise Insert Bit in Thermotec Heat-Shrink Tool Holder Tool and clamping accuracy is essential to minimize runout with all cutting tool applications, but in particular with very long cutting tools as shown below. The further you move from the clamping source, the more pronounced the runout becomes.  Shown here is a deep pocket insert…read more

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