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HSK Spindle Dust Plugs

Dust Plugs Prolong Spindle Life!

HSK Dust Spindle Plug
HSK Spindle Plug # 6375.100.00

The HSK Spindle Dust Plug (HSK63-F) is a filler piece that serves to protect the machine spindle during times the machine is exposed to the possibility of dust or debris entering the housing. During a horizontal drilling or sawing/grooving application, for instance, airborne dust can enter the spindle housing. During machinery relocation, storage etc. or longer periods of being out of operation, this is a good way to prevent the cost of a new spindle and proactively protect it to prevent damage. A great way to insure against more costly spindle repairs that are avoidable. Other HSK spindle dust plugs for HSK-E, A etc can be quoted on request.

Talking about machinery relocation or storage, it is a good idea to insure the spindle accuracy once the machine is relocated by using an HSK calibration bar to test for spindle runout. This also comes in handy when tooling issues cannot be resolved and the only remaining culprit might be found in a spindle runout issue.

Treating the investment in your CNC machine with the respect it deserves and protecting it from elements such as dust, humidity and poor maintenance habits, will guarantee a long life and performance for many years to come.