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Helical CNC Cutter With Reversible Insert Tips This helical insert cutter (Item# 4339.800.30) is ideal for trimming, jointing, rebating, hogging and copying operations on solid wood as well as composite materials. For use on all CNC machining centers, this cutter has a maximum rpm of 18,000 and it comes in 80mm diameter x 80mm cut length with…read more

Exterior Door and Window Tooling for CNC Machines Produce beautiful exterior (cope, stick & raise panel) doors and windows on your CNC router or machining center (Anderson, Biesse, CMS, Heian, Holzher, Homag/Weeke, Northwood, Onsrud, SCM Routech, etc.) with precision insert tooling designed to your custom or standard profile.  The process begins with you sending us a…read more

CNC Corrugated Knife Adapter For Small Runs Or Prototypes! GDP Tooling offers a cost-effective solution for millwork prototypes and small runs. Especially beneficial for the custom shop with continuous special profile needs for short runs, this tool will save a lot of time and money. Profiled knives can be quickly ground and used in this…read more

Saw Blade Clamping Adapters for CNC Machines GUHDO offers several clamping systems for mounting saw blades for use on CNC routers. Option one is a one-piece, integrated flange for mounting large diameter saw blades up to 400 mm (16”). The clamping flange offers an HSK63F machine connection with a flange to accept 30 mm bore…read more

Surfacing Planer for CNC – when you need a better surface finish! GDP introduces FOURCUT, a surfacing planer for use on CNC routers when the spoilboard cutter finish isn’t quite good enough! While most flat table machines typically have a surface planing cutter to clean up their spoilboard, they are not specifically designed for demanding…read more

Carbide Insert Bit for Machining Thermoplastics The new 6233 series Thermoplastics insert router tool, which utilizes a special polished carbide grade specifically designed for machining thermoplastics, acrylic glass (PMMA) , Makrolon, Polycarbonate (PC) Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) offers a substantial cost savings on tooling when machining these materials.  The tool body is fabricated from…read more

Vari-Angle Cutter Options For those in need of cutting a variety of different angles, GUHDO has some options. We offer a versatile insert cutter head that is ideal for jointing and producing a variation of angles. Manufactured from light alloy, this 2-wing tool may be used on shapers, moulders and tenoners. It offers two, tiltable…read more

Out with the old, in with the new! 21st Century Tooling Technology retires carbide-tipped cutters from production settings and replaces them with Insert Tools! Carbide-tipped cutters versus insert tooling are like night and day! We’ve come a long way in the arena of cutting tool design…but it is always surprising to see unbalanced, outdated and…read more

Is Your CNC Machine Burning Material or Bits? Have you ever experienced smoke or even worse burning during the routing process and wondered why this is happening? While friction is the cause of the problem, the root cause can be harder to identify. Feed rates, rotation speed, halts in momentum and a variety of other factors…read more

The Drill on Drill Bits! While metric dimension drill bits all look quite similar to the untrained eye, there are differences in style, design and material quality that have a clear impact on tool performance, cost and your bottom line. About 20 years ago, carbide-tipped drill bits, previously manufactured for the most part in Germany…read more

The Continuing Evolution of Diamond (PCD) Cutting Tools As published in Q2 2014 issue of “Surface and Panel” magazine: The Continuing Evolution of Diamond (PCD) Cutting Tools: In the summer of 1982, when the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) made its debut show in Atlanta, GA, the first polycrystalline diamond tools for wood/composite material were introduced…read more

No Sanding Required with the Fourcut Surfacing Bit! Now in stock:  Our surfacing insert bit (Fourcut ™) that provides an excellent quality, smooth surface finish!  Specifically designed for applications such as MDF shaker doors and other high quality surface planing requirements in solid wood,  MDF and other composite materials,  the Fourcut ™ is a very…read more