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Core Box Insert Router Bit – Round Grooves Made Easy Core box/ball nose bits are used for cutting round nosed grooves in fluting, reeding and veining in architectural millwork and column production, where a round bottom groove is needed. Our 4096 series insert router bit is designed to produce clean round nose profiles for core box…read more

Check out our Tooling Guide to Optimize Tool Performance! We are proud to introduce The CNC Tooling Guide, brought to you as a result of our experienced team effort! In this guide, we have compiled answers to the most common questions our customers come to us with. We have also gathered the most basic tooling…read more

Great Tool Option for Composite Materials such as Phenolics and Other Thermoplastics Machining abrasive composite materials often presents a challenge with standard tooling.  Special cutting geometries and cutting edge material are necessary to perfect the finish on very abrasive, hard-to-machine materials such as HDF, fire-rated MDF,  Thermoplastics, Phenolics, fiberglass-reinforced plastic composites, cement fiber panels and…read more

Two-Flute Compression Router Bit with Reversible Inserts – 6243 Series With our 6243 Series Two-Flute Compression Style Router Bit you get the versatility of a solid carbide compression bit with the benefits that come with insert tooling!   The 6243 Series Router Bit is a two-flute compression tool with replaceable insert tips designed to create a chip…read more

Cutting Rebates or Shallow Grooves? Save Money with this Insert Router Bit Does your CNC machining process call for cutting rebates or shallow grooves? Our 6219 Series Insert Router Bit is designed to provide the benefits of carbide with the cost savings of insert tooling.  This 1+1 flute tool offers a dedicated down shear plunging insert,…read more

Adjustable Insert Radius/Chamfer Router Bit The 6975 Series as a multi-purpose, adjustable insert router bit which is uniquely designed for radius and chamfer cuts on both the top and bottom edges of various materials and thicknesses including particle board and MDF as well as soft and hard woods.  The 6975 Series is designed to provide the…read more

DIASTART- Feed Faster with this Disposable PCD Router Bit Adding to our impressive line of standard ½” diameter PCD (polycrystalline diamond) router bits, we are excited to introduce the 6814 Series DIASTART Two-Flute PCD Router Bit. The DIASTART is an affordable, two-flute router bit which facilitates faster feed rates compared to the conventional 1+1 disposable diamond…read more

PCD Saw Blades can Outperform Carbide Diamonds Can Be A Woodworkers Best Friend! Regardless of whether you’re a small to medium sized cabinet shop or a large production facility, if you haven’t considered PCD (polycrystalline diamond) saw blades perhaps now is the time!  Materials such as particle board, MDF, laminates and solid surface are all excellent…read more

Improve Clamping Accuracy with Heat Shrink Tool Holder The Heat Shrink Tool Holder offers some substantial benefits when compared to standard HSK-63F tool holders. A Heat Shrink chuck creates a more uniform, rigid connection between the CNC machine and the tool resulting in less vibration and a noticeably smoother cut. Since there is no collet…read more

Maintain Perfect Fit With Every Cut! GDP GUHDO has a standard insert router bit for Glue Joint applications as part of our Customize-It Program. If your shop uses glue joints with solid wood production, this is a great solution to save both time and money while also reducing your solid wood material waste. This tool…read more

Tooling for CNC Aggregate Heads An aggregate head will expand the capabilities of your CNC router and can turn a 3-axis machine into 5-Axis efficiency without effort .  An aggregate head attaches to the router spindle in similar fashion as your tool holder does.  It is locked into the spindle via a torque arm, that…read more

Reduce Dust and Improve Shop Air! Our new and improved Cyclone Dust Extraction Nut with ceramic coating is now available from stock! Recommended for nested CNC router operations, our Cyclone Dust Nut is an excellent companion piece for reducing dust generated in the cut and quickly directing it to the dust collector. It also helps…read more