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Precision ThermoTec Heat Shrink Tool Holder

Precision ThermoTec Heat Shrink Tool Holder

The ThermoTec heat shrink chucks are precision balanced to 30,000RPM with a runout tolerance of .003mm (0.00012″) making them great for high torque/high speed machining. In heat shrink chucks,  collets and nuts are not used between the tool shank and tool holder creating a more evenly distributed clamping force on the shank.

ThermoTec heat shrink chuck
HSK-F63 Heat Shrink With Line Drawing

The Thermotec is best suited as a dedicated high-precision tool holder for fully cylindrical shank tools made of solid carbide or precision steel rods. Heat shrink tool holders are designed with internal bores that are slightly smaller than the cutting tool shank. When extreme induction heat (from the heat shrink machine) is applied the tool holder bore expands allowing the shank to slip inside and as the tool cools, the bore shrinks around the shank with extreme clamping force. The Thermotec will improve a surface finish due to the exact concentricity of the cutting tool during use.  We recommend ThermoTec heat shrink chucks for use with all insert router tooling, since the tool body can remain in the chuck indefinitely, as compared to a PCD or solid carbide tool which needs to be removed from the tool holder when being sharpened.

We provide insert router tooling that is already mounted on the Thermotec at no additional cost, contact us if you’re interested.  This allows you to reap the benefits of a highly accurate tool system without the need for any additional investment in an induction unit.