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Lock Mortise Bits (Deep Pocket Insert)

Lock Mortise Bits (Deep Pocket)

Lock Recess and Deep Pocket Mortise Bit
Deep Pocket Insert Cutter

Pockets as deep as 4” are not a problem with our deep pocket lock mortise bits. These long reach bits are becoming extremely popular for cutting deep pockets either horizontally or vertically.  This tool is designed for routing/drilling deep mortise pockets in either composite material or solid wood.  The tool body is constructed of a specialty heavy metal material that reduces the chance of breakage and runs vibration free, not allowing deflection during the cutting process.

More and more of our customers are moving towards an insert router bit over solid carbide due to the long term cost savings. At GUHDO we utilize a tool body made of a special material that provides rigidity and allows no flexing during machining, providing longer tool life of the bit and a better finish. The insert knives are a proprietary carbide grade that provide not only an exceptional tool life, but also a constant cutting diameter and quick setup.  This insert tool has a recommended rpm range of 12,000-18,000, a feed rate of 12m/min with 8-10mm removal per pass in solid wood, and 15mm in composite material.

For more information you can call us 770-592-4766 or contact us via email.  Deep pocket lock mortise bits are available in 16 and 18mm diameters, with various lengths to choose from.