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Insert Tooling

Exterior Door and Window Tooling for CNC Machines Produce beautiful exterior (cope, stick & raise panel) doors and windows on your CNC router or machining center (Anderson, Biesse, CMS, Heian, Holzher, Homag/Weeke, Northwood, Onsrud, SCM Routech, etc.) with precision insert tooling designed to your custom or standard profile.  The process begins with you sending us a…read more

Surfacing Planer for CNC – when you need a better surface finish! GDP introduces FOURCUT, a surfacing planer for use on CNC routers when the spoilboard cutter finish isn’t quite good enough! While most flat table machines typically have a surface planing cutter to clean up their spoilboard, they are not specifically designed for demanding…read more

Carbide Insert Bit for Machining Thermoplastics The new 6233 series Thermoplastics insert router tool, which utilizes a special polished carbide grade specifically designed for machining thermoplastics, acrylic glass (PMMA) , Makrolon, Polycarbonate (PC) Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) offers a substantial cost savings on tooling when machining these materials.  The tool body is fabricated from…read more

Vari-Angle Cutter Options For those in need of cutting a variety of different angles, GUHDO has some options. We offer a versatile insert cutter head that is ideal for jointing and producing a variation of angles. Manufactured from light alloy, this 2-wing tool may be used on shapers, moulders and tenoners. It offers two, tiltable…read more

No Sanding Required with the Fourcut Surfacing Bit! Now in stock:  Our surfacing insert bit (Fourcut ™) that provides an excellent quality, smooth surface finish!  Specifically designed for applications such as MDF shaker doors and other high quality surface planing requirements in solid wood,  MDF and other composite materials,  the Fourcut ™ is a very…read more

Lock Mortise Bits (Deep Pocket) Pockets as deep as 4” are not a problem with our deep pocket lock mortise bits. These long reach bits are becoming extremely popular for cutting deep pockets either horizontally or vertically.  This tool is designed for routing/drilling deep mortise pockets in either composite material or solid wood.  The tool body…read more

Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router Tooling When purchasing tooling for CNC routers the most common choice, especially for nested operations, is solid carbide router bits. Because of the overwhelming options, particularly in small diameters, number of flutes and improved feed speeds, solid carbide is a safe and popular choice. When it comes to machining thicker…read more

Cost Comparison – Inserts vs. Solid Carbide Bits We’ve had some interest around how the costs break down in our last post,  “Increase Productivity with Insert Compression Router Tooling”.  Here is an example using the same 6243 series (PN#6243.029.34 with insert#6243.295.00) two flute compression style insert router bit for comparison against a solid carbide two flute compression spiral (PN#6229.750.20M) to see how…read more

Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head The 4058 Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head is a versatile tool that’s invaluable for any custom woodworking facility, especially moulding and millwork shops. This tool is like no other insert cutter-head on the market and it’s used on a number of machines including shapers, tenoners and moulders. What makes this tool truly unique is…read more

Core Box Insert Router Bit – Round Grooves Made Easy Core box/ball nose bits are used for cutting round nosed grooves in fluting, reeding and veining in architectural millwork and column production, where a round bottom groove is needed. Our 4096 series insert router bit is designed to produce clean round nose profiles for core box…read more

Two-Flute Compression Router Bit with Reversible Inserts – 6243 Series With our 6243 Series Two-Flute Compression Style Router Bit you get the versatility of a solid carbide compression bit with the benefits that come with insert tooling!   The 6243 Series Router Bit is a two-flute compression tool with replaceable insert tips designed to create a chip…read more

Cutting Rebates or Shallow Grooves? Save Money with this Insert Router Bit Does your CNC machining process call for cutting rebates or shallow grooves? Our 6219 Series Insert Router Bit is designed to provide the benefits of carbide with the cost savings of insert tooling.  This 1+1 flute tool offers a dedicated down shear plunging insert,…read more