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Insert Tooling

Machining Bead Board Profiles If producing bead board is part of your product offering, there are several options to achieve this profile.  The preferred option with grooving capability is using a profile insert or PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutter head.  It is the most efficient and cost effective solution, allowing the bead board profile to be cut in a…read more

Custom Profile Insert Tooling is a Snap!   From concept to completion, the custom CNC profile tooling process can take as little as 3 weeks!  Once we have a profile sample or drawing (even a dimensioned sketch) of what our customer wants to cut, and what parameters we are working with, such as machine capability and what…read more

UNITEC Round-Over Insert Bit The Series 4097 UNITEC Round-Over Reversible Insert Bit is designed for use on portable routers and provides savings on sharpening cost and profile variation (after sharpening) of carbide-tipped router bits.  The tool features 1/4″ shank or 1/2, depending on radius required.   It provides a consistent cutting diameter for round overs and quarter…read more

Novitec – Designed for High Speed Roughing The 6235 Series Novitec Roughing Bit is designed for hogging/roughing cuts using higher feed rates in a variety of applications. Great for rebating and jointing,  the Novitec bit offers a superior chip removal rate with interchangeable cutting pins. The cutting pins are re-grindable several times which makes this bit…read more

6245 Series Insert Surface Planer The 6245 Series Insert Surface Planer is designed for use in a variety of applications in addition to surface planing.  The unique insert design makes this a great tool for rebating, jointing  and grooving up to 35mm in addition to surfacing in solid wood, panels and composites.  With two reversible tips…read more

Deep Pocket (Lock Mortise) Bit Our insert deep pocket mortise bit is made of a special high quality steel grade to route deep lock mortise cut-outs without the tool experiencing any tool deflection.  Excellent for door hardware and other deep pocket cut applications. This tool uses two offset chipbreaker insert knives that have a 16mm…read more

Disposable Inserts Help Reduce Machine Downtime Disposable inserts can reduce grinding costs and minimize machining downtime. The evolution of cutting tools has progressed from being quite labor-intense to heavily relying on machines and automated processes. With these efficiencies, it is now more important than ever to keep down set-up times and adjustment times in order to minimize…read more

Disposable Insert Cutters Continued Among the advantages of insert cutters is also the fact that they are very well-balanced and remain well-balanced throughout their life span. As long as no sharpening is done to the inserts, there are no weight changes, allowing for consistent cuts. This effect yields a cutter that can operate at higher…read more

Replacement Inserts for Tools Made by These Now Defunct Companies If you are looking for replacement insert knives for a cutter head manufactured by companies no longer in business, such as DeHart or LRH, we can help!   While LRH profiles were mostly standard sizes which we usually stock for immediate shipment, the DeHart replacements will…read more

Insert Core Box Router Bit This popular Insert Core Box Router Bit provides constant diameter and long tool life due to its micro grain carbide insert, that can be rotated 180 degrees for a brand new cutting edge!

Deep Mortise Insert Bit in Thermotec Heat-Shrink Tool Holder Tool and clamping accuracy is essential to minimize runout with all cutting tool applications, but in particular with very long cutting tools as shown below. The further you move from the clamping source, the more pronounced the runout becomes.  Shown here is a deep pocket insert…read more

Helical CNC Cutter With Reversible Insert Tips This helical insert cutter (Item# 4339.800.30) is ideal for trimming, jointing, rebating, hogging and copying operations on solid wood as well as composite materials. For use on all CNC machining centers, this cutter has a maximum rpm of 18,000 and it comes in 80mm diameter x 80mm cut length with…read more