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UNITEC Round-Over Insert Bit: 4097 Series

UNITEC Round-Over Insert Bit

Unitec 4097 series profile
4097 Series Profile

The Series 4097 UNITEC Round-Over Reversible Insert Bit is designed for use on portable routers and provides savings on sharpening cost and profile variation (after sharpening) of carbide-tipped router bits.  The tool features 1/4″ shank or 1/2, depending on radius required.   It provides a consistent cutting diameter for round overs and quarter round ovolo profiles.   Each tool body takes two solid carbide inserts.   Radius sizes available range from 2mm (approx 3/32″) to 10mm (just over 3/8″).

With reversible T.C. tips profiled on both sides, the UNITEC bit is designed with shear angles on both the bottom and periphery of the tool, providing excellent finish.

unitec 4097 series insert
4097 Series Insert

The Unitec design is also available as a customizable tool body that can be profiled for any special trim profile that falls with the parameters of 10mm width x 10mm depth.  The blank tool body can be adapted for use on various operations including rebates, grooving, beading, coving and beveling. The micro-grain carbide inserts provide extended tool life and are profiled double sided, which makes them very economical. Changing profiles is quick and easy.

Unitec roundover bit

Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction and provides an excellent finish result!