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Router Bits for Tectus Hinges

Tectus Hinge Placement Router Bits

Tectus Hinges

Router Bits for Tectus Hinges can be hard to come by since the required sizes are metric. Look no further! We can help!

The popularity of Tectus Concealed Hinge Systems is not only due to their sleek aesthetics but also their durability… made to last for the life of the structure they are used on. These hinges, Made in Germany, have grown in popularity in the North American market, but finding the right tool to route the perfect hinge pocket, can be a challenge.

Finding the right tool to prepare the frame and door leaf  to accept Tectus Hinges can be a challenge.  Look no further, we have the tools needed. A selection of the router bits and shank extensions are below:

Item# 7550.012.0012x23x60mm M12x1 internal threaded shank Bit
Item# 7550.016.0016x25x67mm M12x1 internal threaded shank Bit
Item# 7555.016.6016x60x92mm M12x1 internal threaded shank Bit
Item# 7550.024.0024x25x60mm M12x1 internal threaded shank Bit
Shank Extensions:
Item# 7080.012.25Shank Extension for M12x1 25mm (for Elu, Striffler)
Item# 7080.012.35Shank Extension for M12x1 35mm (for Elu, Striffler)
Item# 7080.012.40Shank Extension for M12x1 40mm (for Elu, Striffler)
Item 39505-0-12735Shank Extension for M12x1 (1/2″ x 35) (illus.1)
List of Standard Tooling for Tectus Hinge Placement
Tectus Hinge style router bit
Tectus Style Router Bit 7550.024.00

Contact us to order today!  We supply both the router bits and extensions needed for accurate Tectus Hinges.