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PCD Premill Cutter Heads

High Speed and PCD Insert Jointing/Premill Cutter Heads

We have a wide range of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) jointing /premill cutter heads for a variety of edgebanders,  including Biesse, Brandt, Cehisa, Holzher, Homag, SCM and Stefani. For demanding or high speed applications, we offer a cutter head that provides impressive results.

High Shear Premill Cutter

These high performance PCD cutter heads are available to fit most machines and typically come in diameters from 70 to 125 mm with cutting widths of 25, 35, 43, 48 and 65mm. Manufactured with either two or three wing design, our PCD cutter heads are all guaranteed to deliver excellent results. The high shear design, apart from producing a superb finish due to the positioning of the cutting tips at much higher shear angles, also allows increased feed speeds up to 45m/m (145’/m) coupling that excellent finish qualities with extended tool life.

At our Marietta, GA facility, we have a full service center where we sharpen, repair and retip all PCD tooling, whether PCD premills, saw blades, hoggers, routerbits, groovers or profile tools with a rapid turn-around time. For information on cutters, or any PCD sharpening needs, please contact GDP|GUHDO today.